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Our Mission

Justice delayed is justice denied, together we will find ways to become the voice of those who have remained unheard for far too long, join the chain and be the change.

Daughters of the world is a platform for a global audience to come together and collaborate to identify the ways to protect the 53% population of this planet and to build a healthy and safe society for our daughters of this world.

DOW is a platform for everyone who cares about the women in the world and wants there suffering to end, it doesn’t matter what cast, creed, gender,race, segment or class of society you belong to your voice matters, your help will change the world join us in giving a voice to the daughters of the world that are fighting for their right to live.


Your will help women around the world and they will help another and with the chain of hands we will see the end to Violence against Women because being a daughter of this world is not a crime,it's a great honor, open your arms for the next generation of our daughters

Find your inner power by helping others

Meet Our Team

Bikramjeet Singh

Founder and ED (Operations and IT)

  • End of female infanticide in India
  • End of acid attacks in south Asia
  • End of dowry and honor killing in south Asia
  • Capital punishment for VAW in Europe

Hope in Action

Hind Al Hassan

Founder and ED (Creatives)

Zoya shahid

Founder and ED (Publications,Marketing and PR)

  • End to death by VAW in USA and UK
  • Educational wide spread in all third world countries
  • United stands of Global citizens
  •  New Avenues of ending VAW

Let's put am end to Violence against women world-wide!